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Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by JeremyMallin, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. JeremyMallin
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    Occasionally a print gets rejected and I only get a two word explanation that is either vague or seems out of place. Sometimes all that is needed is a better explanation of why a model was rejected. I had one rejection recently when the explanation was simply three words. "thin walls, fragile" When I checked I found every wall met the posted minimum wall thickness by a healthy margin. It ended up that real explanation was that the model was a wire loop tied in a knot and it was fragile because it was too long (albeit coiled) for an unsupported wire. If the original explanation had said this it would have saved me much confusion and frustration.

    My only request is that you all try to include more complete explanations so that we know why a model was rejected and we can come up with better solutions to fixing the problems. Engineering design problems are easy to solve; mysteries are much less so.

    I understand from reading in the forums that some of the staff is better with this than others. For those already providing good detail when explaining model rejections please keep up the good work. Thank you.
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    I definitely agree with this. I know time is of the essence of I'm sure the staff has plenty more to do in a day, but seriously, two words? No no no. Not acceptable. That tells us the designers absolutely nothing about the problem. Then we fix the wrong thing, try to print it again, and waste MORE of BOTH party's time.
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    Thanks JeremyMallin, I agree as well and I'll pass that along to our teams.

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