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  1. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    For some unknown reasons, I can't stop creating cups for Ceramics.
    I am doing too fast for me to be able to order all of them.
    So I'd like to share them with you.

    First two cups that you have perhaps already seen in another post.

    The Hypercube:
    I am surprised that nobody has designed an Hypercube-like shape for Ceramics yet. So here is mine. The external cube as well as one additional face are missing the that you can see the internal structure and fill it with anything you want.

    The Half-Hypersphere:
    The internal bowl is made of half a sphere (and thus it should be easy to drink it's content) and all the external structure is as well composed of spheres alternatively turned inside and outside the model. The name comes from the fact that if you complete this shape by symmetry you obtain what I called an Hypersphere by analogy with the Hypercube, but is is certainly not an Hypersphere in the mathematical meaning of the term. I am wondering if I should do a half-Hypercube...

    And here are two new ones:
    The Classical Cup:
    It's look seems quite classic, but its thickness varies from 3 to 5 mm. It is made to optimized the capacity while minimizing the surface (and thus the cost). I think is my most inexpensive cup so far.

    And finally the Toroidal Cup:
    It is made from an elongated torus that gives it its shape and also two handles (so you can give the cup to someone else even if it is full of hot coffee). To close the inner hole of the torus there is half a sphere (not touching the surface of the table).

    Tha't all for now but... who knows, perhaps others will come!

  2. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Two more.

    the Whirl Cup:
    The top section looks like a spiral while the bottom looks like a flower. I think it is a very beautiful shape but I am afraid you won't be able to drink anything from it without spilling half of the content... But who cares ? :)

    And the Flying Cup:
    The half sphere seems to float in the air (well, if you look very quickly). There was a handle initially, but I removed it, to keep it as simple as possible. If my measurements are correct, you should be able to stack several of them.

  3. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member
  4. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Hi Joseng,

    I really like your Egg Coffee Cup: the handle is completely inside the silhouette of the cup itself as in my Sphere Cup (nothing is outside your egg shape, as nothing is outside my half sphere). I wanted to do the handle of my Sphere Cup in that direction, (i.e. following the surface of the cup instead of perpendicular), but I was afraid the hole would be to small. But did you tried drinking in your cup? I am afraid that, as in the HyperSphere Cup, because the large diameter inside the cup is bigger than the opening, some liquid will remain inside after you try to drink all the content (that's what led me to the Half-Hypersphere Cup).
    I also would like to work on the dishes now, but I can't see yours (probably set as private).
    Keep on the good job.


  5. seriaforma
    seriaforma Well-Known Member
    Love the flying cup.
    Have you actually printed this?
  6. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member

    yes, i was afraid of that too that the hole were too small first when i designed, but i got one 3d printed and it works perfectly.
    now i got finished my dish too for this cup, the leaf dish, sorry i didn´t notice that the model wasn´t public :laughing: now it is. this is the link
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  7. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    @Joseng: your leaf-shape dish is really gorgeous! I am curious to know how you go from 3D-printing to artisanal manufacturing... Do you have to make a mold or something?

    @Doodler: Happy that you like the Flying Cup. I did not have it print yet but I plan to order some of the cups of this page today or tomorrow (along with some Gold Plated Brass models). But I cannot order them all (6 cups!). Except the Flying Cup which ones, according to, you deserve giving them a try?

    @all: same question: since I cannot print them all, which cups would you like seeing printed in priority?
  8. seriaforma
    seriaforma Well-Known Member
    Perhaps your whirl cup? I like how your sphere cup looks like a moon with coffee so perhaps your whirl cup would add a "stars" dimension to your interesting collection.
  9. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Yeah, good choice. I think I will order 3 of them. Flying Cup, Whirl Cup and the Half-Hypersphere...
    Stay tuned!
  10. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member
    yes. i just request a 3d printed model in white strong & flexible first to use it as a mold and contacted and artisan who made the artisanal manufacturing. now i want to give it a try of both in the 3d printting ceramic material to see how it works, and looking a company for a mass production too.
    about your question i think the whirl cup and the half- hypersphere cup are the ones that I like more too see it 3d printed. :eek:
  11. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Thanks for the additional information, Joseng. It's very interesting. I'd like to have at least the Sphere Cup mass-produced. I am wondering if Sandstone could replace White Strong and Flexible in the process of making a mold (much less expensive).
    The Whirl Cup and the Half-Hypersphere are part of the batch I ordered. More news about them in the second half of August!
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  12. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    I wanted to try to create espresso cups where the handle and the cup itself would have basically the same shape.
    I first try with a portion of cone. I put is upside down for the handle and fused both parts. As I was afraid the grip would not be enough, I added two holes on the handle where to place your fingers.
    So here is the Double Cone Cup:

    Then, I was worried about the volume of coffee that could be contained by such a cup. I thought that cylinders would be more efficient than portions of cones. With two cylinders, my first idea was to shift the handle down and right.
    That's how the Double Cylinder Cup was born:
    I like the simple design of this cup: only two cylinders intersecting.

    But I wanted to give tot the handle a more regular shape by turning the handle-cylinder of 90°.
    I called this model Non-Identical Twin Cup, because the two cylinders, even if they have the same size, are slightly different:

    To go on with that idea, I had to make both parts completely identical so that you could drink from the cup itself from the handle and grab the cup by either parts too. After struggling with the intersection of the two cylinders, I came up with the Identical-Twin Cup:
    I'd like Shapeways to remove glaze no only from the bottom of the model but also from the side (even if it is not necessary for the fabrication) so that the two parts would be really identical.

    Now there is only one problem: all those models are really too expensive for me to buy them all. I need to find a sponsor... :)

    Any comments?
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  13. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member
    well, i haven´t tried sandstone but at least i know it´s too fragile for use it for a mold. the one that i send to the artisan in strong & flexible broke in the process of making the mold :( but it works for what it was made. i like your sphere cup i would like to see it mass produced too :) good luck with it
  14. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Thanks Joseng. For mass-producing the Sphere Cup, I am wondering if I should remove the part of the flat bottom that is under the handle (having the bottom shaped like a crescent moon instead of like a disc).

    In the meantime, here is a rendering video of the Identical Twin Cup. This one will be probably very challenging to be mass-produced! ;)
  15. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member
    it is a really nice video good job :) about your sphere cup if you make it like a crescent moon instead of a disc i think it will make unstable the base when the cup is filled.
  16. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Actually there will be a crescent plus the bottom of the handle.
    Here is a picture:
    As when the cup is full, the center of gravity is rather on the crescent side, I think it could work.
    But from an aesthetical point of view the original one seems more balanced (or perhaps it is because I am used to it :)).
  17. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Yes, I know I should stop, but I told you that I can't.

    So here are two more cups.

    Following the Identical Twin Cup, something similar but with 3 cups, the Triple Cup:
    Once again, I would appreciate if Shapeways could remove the glaze in a symmetric way even when not necessary.

    And this intersection of 3 cylinders led me to something close from the Whirl Cup, the TriCyl:
    As for the Whirl Cup, I would probably not try to drink from it. But you can use it to serve sugar or anything.

  18. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    For those who missed the information, a lot of those cups arrived: check this post!