More Color Choices in Polished Nylon

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by glowitz, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. glowitz
    glowitz New Member
    Do you have plans to introduce additional color options in the polished nylon (strong, flexible, polished)? We'd love to see shades of gray, charcoal, as well as yellow, burnt orange, green and off-white.

    In addition, is there any possibility of offering a version of nylon that is UL rated, with low flammability or flame spread ratings -- see spec for reference: icals/plastics/testing/flame/

    This is important for use in many industrial applications that we'd like to use Shapeways for.

    Thanks for your consideration! Anyone else out there want more color options?
  2. AmLachDesigns
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    There is a lot of discussion of this in the Post-Processing section of the forums where people discuss various processes they have used including dying and painting.