Molds and resin castings

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  1. SLK
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    Making digital files is still pretty new to me but making molds from parts and casting resin copies is something I'm familiar with.

    This may not look particularly sleek or modern by what we have. Imagine if someone in the year 1981 were asked to design a video phone of the future. This is how I would think that person would design it.

    I ordered parts in the black detail. It still has grow lines so as I have done in the toy industry I went over the grow lines with Azbro wax which fills them in and smooths them out.

    I made RTV silicone molds and cast resin parts.

    I cleaned and painted the parts, installed electronics and arrived at this.
  2. Brandroid
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    SLK, that's an impressive piece! I love the image you used to showcase on the screen.

    I'm looking to print a piece and create molds for casting as well, and I'm just now starting my research. Is there any advice you can offer, or perhaps a site for good reference?

    I'm leaning towards printing in FD or FUD and then molding in silicone as you've done here. As I understand it silicone has to be degassed. Is there a product out there that doesn't require this step?

  3. coolbutpointless
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    First off I have to say I find this to be awesome looking!

    Second, I have a question about the wax application. Having never really worked with wax as a smoothing agent, is it as simple as rubbing it onto the printed part or is there some secret process to smooth things out for mold making? I feel like adding a layer of wax to fill the imperfections of a printed model is better than sanding the model down and would like to try it but am not certain how to proceed!
  4. exodigital
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    Hi Branden.
    Some Smooth-On silicone rubber do not need to be degassed, but I always prefer to put the mold in a pressure pot to get a cleaner, stronger model.
  5. Brandroid
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    Thanks for the info Exodigital. I determined that the time/capital investment for this project exceeds what's available to me at the moment. I'll still be printing my model with Shapeways, but I'm looking to professional prototyping services for the mold making portion.
  6. novacaine31
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    Looks great. I'd love to hear more about how you got it so smooth. I'm using my 3d prints as masters for making molds. Right now with the FUD they come out with like a wood grain type stepping. I'm thinking I'll just sand it but if there's some technique you could pass along it'd be really helpful. Thanks and I love the piece you chose. I always liked that decker uses a pay phone and the call is like $15.

    -Ted - examples of what I've made and am making.