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  1. omersianto
    omersianto New Member
    I want to print a jewelry model and after i want to send it for rubber or silicon mold.
    Do some one know if i can use the Strong & Flexible Plastic so i will be able to send it for molding ? if not can some one recommend which material will be best for it?

    Thank you for the help,
  2. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    You can use WSF, but FUD will give a better definition and surface finish. You will have to use RTV silicon for the mould as both WSF and FUD will have problems with heat vulcanising.
  3. omersianto
    omersianto New Member
    Thank you very much for your quick replay,
    I'm new with the materials and i don't know which one you mean when you wrote WSF or FUD.

    Thank you again,