Molder needed for action figure accessories

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by ptrckcrw2, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. ptrckcrw2
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    I own a small vacuum forming co. Right now we make reproduction bubbles / blisters for Transformers, GI Joe and other 80's action figures. We also make stormtroopers.

    Right now I resin cast reproduction accessories for transformers and gi joes. I want to know if it would be cheaper to print these and if somebody could make the files? Let me know if you can help and how much?
  2. baltimore
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    TK-5728 here,

    Depending on the size and quantity, printing could be a better option, but it really depends on how many you're making and the size. I'd only consider it if you're talking small stuff. Is the stuff you're working on licensed, or more just for legion folks? I've been using 3D printing to make the master, and then doing silicon molds and presssure castings because of the cost.

  3. ptrckcrw2
    ptrckcrw2 New Member
    They are pretty small. For example I reproduce deck clips for the GI Joe flagg. already have molds, however it takes forever to make a bunch.

  4. baltimore
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    Yea so that kinda stuff where you can hold a few in your hand at once is cheap enough to justify printing them because of the time it takes to make the molds and castings. Hit me up at and we can talk more
  5. Thokk
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    It seems to be the easiest way to produce products but unfortunately it's not the cheapest way and there are still a lot of printing lines that need to be cleaned by you or customer.

    I have a product line for own company, but I'm considering to cancel these product due to problems mentioned above and inconsistency by shapeways.

    Cheers Marco