Mold Prototype for Silicon Mold Creation

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  1. fleegle
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    I have a need for a quick job. I would like to create a custom silicon mold (or tray of molds) for my skin care business. I have the art, but do not know how to use 3D software. The image attached is my logo made into a disc that I hope to use as the mold. It's 2.625" around (1.3125" diameter) by .75" tall, then the sheep image will be carved into the disc at a depth of .25". The black area indicates the disc and the white area indicates what will be carved down.

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    PM sent
  3. fleegle
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    thank you to everyone who replied! i have found an artist who will help me.
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    here is my first attempt at that project.
    I don't know what type of file you want it sent as. Was that going to be a .stl file for Shapeways to use or?
    the model is 1.3125" dia. and .75" total Ht. the engraved area ( which you showed as white in your art )
    is .25" deep. now scale is everything in 3d modeling and proportion is what enables scaling to work.
    one inch or one unit in my 3d software may not be one unit in an other. so once I translate it into a .stl file
    you still must specify the dimensions desired for the next process.
    anyway here it are. :)

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  5. fleegle
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    Thank you so much, but I had already found a person to do the model for me. I appreciate your time!