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  1. virginia_gordon
    virginia_gordon Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Who out there creates silicone molds out of Shapeways prints?

    If so, which material do you print with and what has your experience been like?

    p.s. I'd love to see photos if you have any. thanks!
  2. zsetian
    zsetian New Member
    I've used transparent acrylic, it wasn't great. A lot of ridging. But I'm looking for a very smooth finish, as the final product will have to be sanded and polished. What have you used before?

    I've attached a photo of a mold we used from that material, and one of the resulting resin casts.

    I'm thinking of trying FUD (frosted ultra detail), do you think that surface be smooth enough?


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  3. debdeb
    debdeb Member
    Hi Virginia, Here is a pic of a mold I had made from a printed castable wax piece.

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  4. Lilichi
    Lilichi Member
    I have not done so yet, but I think I'd be using FUD, its the highest detail material shapeways offers, isn't it?

    it would open up a whole new world if shapeways would offer food-safe heat resistant silicon molds!
    Then we could have custom chocolates, hard candy, (cup)cakes, and who knows what else..
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  5. EvieL
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    @virgina_gordon would love to see an article on how this is done!