Models with multiple parts?

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  1. Aquillyne
    Aquillyne New Member
    Can models printed on Shapeways have separate non-connected parts? How does Shapeways handle this?

    e.g. could you make a hinge?
  2. TomZ
    TomZ New Member
    I'm not sure which of these two options you're inquiring about. I think it's the latter one, but I've included an answer for the first one just in case.

    Yes, you can upload multiple separate parts and have them printed. You can have all the parts in the same model or in separate models.

    If you want to print the hinge assembled: yes, that is possible, but only in select materials. Just upload a model of your hinge in the assembled state. Keep in mind that you need to have some clearance between the parts to keep them from fusing.
    Moving parts are possible with the Strong&Flexible, Grey Robust, Alumide, and Detail materials. The clearances needed vary by material.
  3. Aquillyne
    Aquillyne New Member
    Thanks for your response.

    But that sounds like magic!

    How can you print a SPACE between 2 models! Won't the upper one fall down onto the lower one during printing?!

    But you say it's possible, so I'm impressed and thank you!
  4. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    No magic. Empty space just gets filled with fill material. Then it is removed when everything is washed and separated.

    Most of my models have many separate parts. This one has 11 separate pieces all crammed together with a 1mm gap between each. Why crammed together? To give a density higher than 10%, which makes it much cheaper.

    Check out the movie of the White Strong and Flexible printing:

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