Models not showing properly only on the preview?

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by KaiserXavier, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. KaiserXavier
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    I just uploaded two models on my profile derived from a previous model I already printed in shapeways that is not showing properly on the preview. Is this only for the preview or is it an actual error on the file?


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  2. mkroeker
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    Most likely an actual error in the file - face normals pointing the wrong way, or unattached, open meshes that do not form a closed
    object by themselves - these would be removed in an automated attempt to make sense of your model.
    Or possibly the missing parts were not properly attached to the rest of the model, and too small to be printable as separate parts.
    You may have the scaling of your model wrong, if it is listed as costing just $1.50 (implying your object has almost no volume).
    Get a (free) copy of netfabb studio basic and check your file with it.
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  3. KaiserXavier
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    just checked it on the netfabb and it looks complete, will check if its sealed.


  4. mkroeker
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    You should get a big red warning triangle next to your model in netfabb if something is seriously wrong. Also check what size it shows
    for your model, and what the dimensions listed on shapeways' model page are (that part is clipped from your picture). WSF costs
    $1.40 per ccm of material, and the $1.51 shown in your screenshot already includes the fixed $1.50 handling fee, so either the model is small enough for an ant's dollhouse, or it is just a wisp of smoke...