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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sethhhhhh, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Sethhhhhh
    Sethhhhhh New Member
    Hi I'm new to modeling and I would like to make a couple of items for the game TES V Skyrim edit them and then print them i would like to know if it has been done before or even possible

    (everything I make from a game would be personal not for sale)

    And also I'm looking too see if some could do it for me (for free) as I am hopeless at
    3D modeling (or even if they could just give me a tut)

    For anyone who wants to know what im planning on it's the amulet of stendarr but just the pendant not the chain here is a link to the image

  2. FreakingRiddle
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    Hmmm, the models from games are usually not as good as they look like...most of the details are just textures with shadows and not sculpt, also most of the details can't be printed in sandstone, so as I saw the model from the link I can say that it wont be very pretty if it will be printed without colors (by using a strong material) or if you want the textures you have to edit it first!

    Anyway, I would recommend you to ask or hire someone else to create printable models based on the original game's models!

    Hope I helped and not confused you! :)

    EDIT: If you see my shop you will notice that most of the models were created by me because I couldnt copy/paste the original game models!
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  3. Sethhhhhh
    Sethhhhhh New Member
    Oh okay well thanks anyway.
  4. darthviper107
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    Also, it wouldn't be legal
  5. Sethhhhhh
    Sethhhhhh New Member
    Yeah I would not sell them they would be a personal thing
  6. cona99
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    I have been part of this 3d modeling community for quite a while now and though out main focus was with designing for possible 3d movies and their templates, I is great to see some of our pieces being chosen for gaming modules.

    None of the more upper tier games though but it is all good as any type of exposure still gets you out there. I will be posting links once they go live.
  7. leftofreality
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    Yes, this is possible. I am doing this with a character from a game that is unlikely to ever be created as a figure by the company. Mine is also for personal use/fanart and will not be resold.

    It is possible, but not easy. :) Depending on what you are trying to get, it may be easier to re-create it yourself.

    Game models are by nature low-poly. Additionally, there are things like flipped normals, non-manifold meshes, intersecting meshes, etc. to worry about. The requirements for displaying and animating a model for a game are much less stringent than those for printing a solid object. In trying to get your model printable, you may mess up your texture, which would make it more difficult to get a good print from something like Full Color Sandstone.