Modelling programs for creating 3D diagrams

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    Hi Shapeways forum!

    It's my first post here.

    I have some ideas for three dimensional diagrams that I want to create.

    They are theoretical abstract diagrams, but they also have been designed to have an aesthetic quality to them.

    I've drawn them on paper, so far. For some diagrams, I've folded up the paper to make the paper 3D.

    So basically I want to know "What is a good 3D modelling for someone who is new to 3D modelling, but wants to make 3D diagrams".

    Ideally, something simple, that doesn't give me a million buttons to push that just bewilder me when I first open the program. "Blender" did this to me. Also it took about 4 seconds to 3D shade a simple grey cube on a quad-core 2.5ghz desktop PC, so I deleted blender.

    I've used a nice 2D vector program in the past, called "Create". ( ) Which is "just the right level of complexity" for someone like me. A simple toolbar I can just click on to get a tool. I can draw the shapes, then manipulate them to get them perfect... and do transformations and colors. Add text if I like. Just simple things. But I'm not blinded by a million options that I feel I need to go on a 10 day training course to understand. And it has more advanced options, but they don't seem to overwhelm me...

    So I know what I want is possible... a simple program to let me do 3D, because I've seen simple programs to let me do 2D.

    Any advice anyone?

    I'm not gonna be modelling things like people or chairs or houses or cars... just abstract math or conceptual shapes, some axis, and labelling the axis :)
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  3. the_real_theo
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    Thanks a lot. But I can't pay 500$ just to draw a 3D diagram. :) I'll try it out... maybe I can do it within the 8 hours :/

    Any "simple and free" programs that are good at making 3D diagrams?
  4. denali3ddesign
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    No, no, you don't have to pay! :) There is a free version that is licensed for personal OR commercial use, here's that direct download link: Sketchup Free
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    Thanks a lot! :laughing: