Modeller needed to model up a classic cinema projector

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    I would like a model for a cinema projector for a 50-60's theme display, would like the main body hollow to keep the expense down for printing and also hollowed out at the lense for a led to shine through for flashing film effect.

    If possible would like it as a VRML 97 (i think that is correct) to print item with colours, just greys, blacks and silvers (so I don't have to paint) with the item to be a maximum 7-8 cms long. If not a STL file will be fine.

    Attached is a picture of something similar to what I am hoping for.

    please pm if you are interested with a rough price, thanks in advance.

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    Thanks to those 5-6 people that contacted me, and my apologies for a delayed reply, have a few delays at my end but have some more info and will send on the 5-6 interested parties.

    Spoke to a guy in the film industry and he thinks this style projector (image attached) would be cool looking but not necessarily used for the cinemas and specifically the drive-ins but this is the style I am now wanting to go for. Next time I will do more research prior to posting here, sorry.

    I am just collecting some info, pictures and sketches and will be in touch with those that contacted me in the next few days.

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    due to a family emergency I will put this project on hold and let those that contacted me that I will be in touch when time allows, thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.