Modeller needed for our Mascot Character

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  1. urbankaos
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    Im needing some help on getting a design made into a 3D Model...

    We have a Mascot for our Brand/Company and want to get him made into a little 'figure/toy' sort of thing,
    we have no clue about all this though, I tried working with a 3D Software but it was just too confusing!

    I've attached the JPG of our Mascot,
    basically needing someone that can create the 3D version of this so that we can then get it Printed?

    Im guessing the colour would be hard to do so was wondering whether doing it all in White when Printing would be better and we can then use Posca Paint Markers to colour it ourselves.....?

    Any help would be appreciated,
    obv let me know on your best prices.

    Thanks alot,

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  2. Ming
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  3. codexehow
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    Hey urbankaos,

    I'm a Zbrush artist. I can create your figurine for you and set it up for 3D printing.

    Feel free to have a look around at

  4. urbankaos
    urbankaos New Member
    Hey, have you got a rough price?
  5. codexehow
    codexehow New Member

    Best price I could give you would be around $100. Can't really go any lower than that, as there's quite a few hours of work involved here.

    My website has contact info if you're interested.