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    i need urgently an estimate for a modelling of an earhook,

    Can you guys tell me on average how much you d like to be paid x hour?

    The earhook is part of a serie of accessories I am creating for my MA collection

    I would need to produce accessories to go together with my clothing collection.
    They will be 5 or 6 I am still deciding
    and I really need to hire an expert modeller to translate my 2D designs in 3D.

    I don' t have any idea of how much time it will be required
    but the fastest a modeller can work the better for me
    cause I have got very tight deadlines.

    please let me know asap for a possible hour rate
    and if you d like to make me see some works you ve done
    would be great!
    Not necessary to be fashion experts-oriented ...

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    PM sent :p
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