Modeling the Face of a Robotic Defender of the Universe?

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    I am making my own 3D-printable, transforming model of an 1980s robot icon -- Vehicle Voltron, the one comprised of 15 vehicles (as opposed to the one comprised of five robotic lions). I'm having difficulty modeling the robot's face, and I'm wondering what a skilled modeler might charge in order to make a 3D-printable model of the face that would be compatible with the rest of the robot, which I'm already working on.

    * Model should consist of the face -- from roughly eyebrow level and extending downward -- as well as the neck. The robot has no ears or nostrils, and the overall contours of the face and neck are simpler than those of a human.
    * Face and neck should greatly resemble what is depicted in the '80s cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe -- to re-emphasize, this is the "Vehicle" version of Voltron, not the "Lion" version. I will provide reference images.
    * Model should be 3D-printable with no obvious faceting at the desired print size (see below).
    * Approximate dimensions:
    * Total width: 20 mm
    * Height (face and neck): 25 mm
    * Depth (max): No more than 5 mm -- preferably less than 5 mm
    * Model should be like a relief sculpture rather than a full front half-head. I can explain further if this is unclear.

    Is anyone interested? Thanks in advance for any replies.

    (In case this matters, I will *not* be selling this model.)
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    pm sent;)

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    Everyone, thanks for the private messages.

    The attached PDF file contains visual references and additional information about the Vehicle Voltron face.

    Please let me know via private message whether you believe the project is feasible -- and what you would charge to make the face.

    Thanks again!

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    To follow up... I did find and commission a fellow "Shapie" to model the face that I was seeking. I'm very pleased with the result. Thanks again!