Modeling-Sculpting// portraits from photo,character figures

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  1. 3dneksus
    3dneksus New Member
    Expertise: Sculpting with hi-poly details ,optimizing for shapeways, checking, repairing, shelling and coloring if needed.
    You get fully ready model for printing :cool:
    Experience: 6yrs+
    Rate:rate depends on model complexity and deadlines--feel free to contact me with any questions

    contact me here, or at

    Here is some examples of my work:
    Andrej Diuzev portrait

    Takeshi Kitano portrait

    Ivy Girl sculpture
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  2. theonlytexaspete
    theonlytexaspete New Member
    Wow! amazing! how much do you charge for a head sculpt?
  3. 3dneksus
    3dneksus New Member
    As I said before- price depends on 3D model complexity and given time to finish -if you have any picture/photo and estimate time you need this model done -I could calculate the price :)
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  4. theonlytexaspete
    theonlytexaspete New Member

    Just so i dont waste your time, how much would be the first 3D model you have posted of man from photo?
  5. 3dneksus
    3dneksus New Member
    Sent PM :)
  6. LindaH
    LindaH New Member
    Made for me a portrait of friend of mine for 4 days -really fast and realistic sculpture. :cool:
    Great service!

    Thank 3dNeksus!
  7. 3dneksus
    3dneksus New Member
    my Zombie smartphone stand finaly 3D printed :D
    You can find more pictures here