Modeler needed to design string attachment mechanism

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by geof131313, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. geof131313
    geof131313 New Member
    I am looking to design a mechanism by which I can crimp together two pieces of metal or hard plastic around a string and have it permanently stay on.

    I have some ideas about how to do this, but without the ability to model this thing in 3D and print it out to test, it's been slow going. Looking for someone to take my crappy, rough sketches and turn them into a prototype. A prototype as I envision it now would be roughly a square inch or two in size.

    Looking for someone who is fast and responsive, but will not break the budget. Please PM me if you think you're up to the task.

  2. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    PM sent!
  3. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    Personally I would use a double figure 8 not and an eye loop. String will break before it comes loose.
  4. geof131313
    geof131313 New Member
    I don't think we'll be using knots.The mechanism, when crimped together, will catch the string with teeth.
  5. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    I understand just offering cheap alternative if you need a 1 off that is sure enough that I would trust my life on it and have.

    If you want a prototype for a New plastic injections molded product I can design for you.
  6. geof131313
    geof131313 New Member
    Ah, that makes sense. I'm working on manufacturing a new product and ran into a roadblock in fastening this thing to the end of the string in a way that meets my satisfaction, so I figured it would not be very hard to design one that meets my needs. The goal is to get a prototype built that I can then send to a manufacturer to have mass produced. I may also at some point be looking to file a patent, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there, as I will probably try to do that by investing behind revenue.
  7. accushape3d
    accushape3d Well-Known Member
    I'm sure the prototype can be designed/printed for fit/form/function very inexpensively at the size you are considering.Be sure to have a signed NDA executed before you disclose any information regarding your design development to a CAD consultant. Protect your design until you reserve a patent!
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  8. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    NDA is aways a good idea though I personally would never divology info. Without permission.

    Manufacturer will want step files

    By the way as soon as you sell or publish publically you can no longer patent
  9. geof131313
    geof131313 New Member
    Is that true? What if I just use the design in something that I sell, does that make it public information that can no longer be patented? Because it sounds highly unlikely that this would be the case. Still, obviously I'd consult a lawyer before going to market.
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  10. TomZ
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    It's usually the case that once you make something public it can no longer be patented. It's a bit weird I admit, but true all the same.
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