Modeler needed to create miniature figurines for a gift

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    I'm looking to have two miniatures made of characters from a game, the first one is a little person and the second is more or less a ladybug. I should start by mentioning I am not sure what images you may need or what this process involves. I've provided some preliminary pictures and can provide as many additional pictures as needed and possibly 3D representations as well if I can figure out how to export them properly from the program I use. The pose in the picture below will most likely not be the pose I would like to use though. In terms of size I'm thinking about 5-6 inches tall for the little guy and about a third of his size for the ladybug. Detail is very important to me since I am planning this as a gift for someone, I'd like it to look as close to the picture as possible, especially the face.

    My main questions are:
    [list type=circle]
    [*] Is this possible to make?
    [*] How much would something like this cost?
    [*] How long would you estimate this to take?
    [*] What material would be best?
    As I said I have no experience with this process so my apologies if it's a bit vague. I can give any additional information required in plenty of detail so please advise regarding what I can provide that will help with the process and result in the best quality.


    Left Side
    Right Side
    Front 2
    Back 2
    Left Side 2
    Right Side 2
    Front 3
    Back 3
    Left Side 3
    Right Side 3

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    Have you found a modeler?
    whats your budget for this project?

    my portfolio
  3. Koga
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    I've gotten a few responses but I'm unsure on what would be best suited for what I'm looking for so I'm still looking at different artists. My budget isn't huge, between $150-$200 but negotiable. I should also add I'm looking for painting as well as design/printing, which I forgot to mention in my original post.
  4. Koga
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    I am no longer looking for a modeler for this project. Thank you everyone who responded and took an interest. Good luck and thanks.