MODELER NEEDED: Pinball Machine Modifications

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    I'm exploring the possibility of creating a small 2" to 4" mosquito figure. This would be a modification for a pinball machine, which seems like a potential great market for 3D printing. Depending on the success of this modification this, could turn into more work. I've found that pinball owners are willing to spend decent money for custom pinball modifications. I'd be interested to know if anyone would be interested to help me out with this project. I'd personally like one or two, but would be able to market a hundred, or more. Any helpful advise or links would be appreciated.

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    PS: I have attached a picture of the plastic I'd like to emulate.


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    I guess this is something I'm looking to have someone design. Name your price.
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    Hi lpeters82,

    I've moved this message to the '3D Modeler Needed' forum - you may have more luck here. In addition, I've made the subject a bit more specific so it may catch the attention of more readers.


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