Modeler needed - funny retainer case (will pay)

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    Hi talented Shapeways modelers...

    My girlfriend just got Invisalign. For those who don't know, Invisalign are removable, clear plastic teeth straighteners (that are actually made using 3D printing!!!)

    They come with a case you need to carry around everywhere, and the case is plain old UGLY!!! (image at bottom)
    I'm looking for someone who can design me a new case. It needs to close securely. I want it to look like a funny/ cute monster's head with a hugely oversized mouth with gangly teeth.

    Perhaps some happy medium between a way-toned-down version of an Angler fish and the cookie monster (I'm open to other ideas though). [​IMG]



    Replacing this ugly thing:

    Happy to pay a reasonable fee to someone who takes the time to create something great! PM me if interested or respond with ideas.
  2. chill105
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