Modeler needed for Wing Commander models

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  1. rolandberberich1979
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    Short and snappy: Who is able to model the Wing Commander ships from the MOVIE?

    The files have been circulating untill a few years ago. If anyone has them we can also work out some exchange.
    Details to be discussed in private.

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  2. rolandberberich1979
    rolandberberich1979 New Member
    In addition I must add please only modellers with scifi experience. We will not get together if I must send you a detailled floorplan of the ship(s) first.

    I already have a 3d Model of a Bengal class (closed hull) from Janos Miklos (thanks for that man) and I am looking to a "open hull/flight op" version.

    Ravenstar Studios has made a limited edition as a gift of this model but they are not available anymore.