Modeler needed for unique and artistic character modeling (can pay, isn't rush job) [SOLVED]

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    Hello modelers of this forum. I come to you with a request. I have a girlfriend, and it is a special time in our lives, where we are going to separate colleges, still trying to remain together, and as luck would have it, celebrating our 3 year anniversary.

    So I have a special project. I would like to commission small statuettes of my girlfriend and myself. However, I do not want simple, boring humans. I want to have us recreated in a more robotic form. My girlfriend and I are very fond of robots, of all shapes and sizes, and I think it would be the perfect little keepsake reminder for us.

    So down to brass tacks, if you think you can help me out, message me and we can discuss any sort of payment you are requesting, as well as a time frame to completion. I will also, of course, provide reference photos of the two of us when we've worked out an arrangement.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    PM send.


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