modeler needed for stop-motion character's head

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  1. doegewooniets
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    i'm a student in breda- netherlands, i'm looking for a 3d modeler who can help me by modelling a characters head for me to print afterwards.
    i'm going to create a stop-motion short as a graduation project and to take some of the work off my shoulders i'd like some help!
    as i'm making the characters body by hand, it'd be really nice to have its head nicely printed.
    it's going to be in the range of how tim burton's Vincent short looks but the character will be an old lady with same set of big eyes! like on the picture i've added to this post. frankenweenie-weird-girl.jpg

    also...i was wondering how i would then apply it to a body (because reading around the website it seems like everything should be closed, so no open part as to where it's neck is supposed to begin/end..) so help on that topic would also be great :)
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    PM send :)

  3. adamfont
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    Sent you a PM!!
  4. adamfont
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    Hi doegewooniets,

    I'm just checking in to see if you received my Private Message. If you have already found someone to help you out, that's great. If not, I'd love to talk with you more about your project.

  5. doegewooniets
    doegewooniets New Member
    Adam! i sent you a message back last week :) (i was sick so replying took a while)
  6. codexehow
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    I'm also interested, if you still need someone. I model in Zbrush.

    You would have to apply the head with hot glue or some other epoxy. The model does have to be closed for printing. It can be hollow, but the neck area would have to closed off.

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