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  1. I'm french so sorry if I don't speak english very well. I'm completely lost (in this forum too, I don't understand anything, sorry if I write at wrong place ^^0). I would like to create a dice... blank (without the little point) maesuring 3x3x3. But I don't know anything about 3D creator. Can you help me please ? Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Mamélie!

    1. Do you need the dice with sharp edges and corners like here

    or with rounded corners like here?


    2. 3x3x3 is it in cm?
    3. do you want it hollow (this helps to reduce the price). For example, solid (not hollow) 3cm dice will cost about $45 to print, while the dice hollow inside will cost $22 (assuming that it has 3mm thick walls).

    Sorry, for lots of English, but I don't know French... maybe you speak German?

    I can do you this model just for free, since it's fairly simple
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  3. Hello. Thank you for the answer and sorry for the wait.
    I would like a dice with rounded corners but less than the second picture if it is possible. More like that:
    But if it is too difficult or tough to do, the second is good.
    Yes, 3x3x3 is in cm, sorry. ^^0
    I prefer the dice hollow if it isn't fragil in the end.
    I would like to carve or draw something on it...
    Thank you very much for the help. :)
  4. Sorry, I change my mind. ^^0
    If it's to difficult to do my dice (less rounded than your second picture), prefer do the first of your's please, with sharp edges (but a little rounded like a dice, not a cube, yes ?).
    Thank you.
  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    This would not be difficult at all, do you want the die markings on them or are you planning to put other markings on them?
  6. I don't speak english very well, so I'm not sure I have understand what you say. I want a dice blank, and then I would like to carve something on it. I don't want someone here to carve something, just the dice. I don't manage to tell what I want in a language I don't speak and understang well, sorry. That's what you want to know ? :blush:
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    Ok, it was slightly harder then anticipated. But here it is. It is solid, If I hollow it out, it would need a hole for the material to escape. If you want it hollow let me know where you want the hole.
  8. Excuse me but I don't understand well what you want to say... I don't understand "it would need a hole for the material to escape". Which material are you talking about ? I don't want a dice with a hole. It's impossible ? Why ? Use simple words please. :blush:
    Your dice have not 6 faces ?
  9. Youknowwho4eva
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    The die I made has 6 faces.
    It is a solid 3cm cube
    to be hollow, it would need a hole to remove the support material.
    I'm not sure how to word that simpler so I'll trust Google to translate this right.

    J'ai fait le dé a 6 faces.
    Il est un solide 3cm cube
    être vide de sens, il aurait besoin d'un trou afin d'enlever les matériels de soutien.
    Je ne suis pas sûr de savoir comment ce simple mot que je fais confiance à Google pour traduire ce droit.
  10. Google don't translate correctly, your sentences have no sens... ^^0 I always don't understand why it needs a hole. What's the support material ? My engravings are superficial, slight... On the faces. A hole makes the dice less beautiful and risk to spoil the pictures I want to carve...
  11. And your dice semms strange... I would like a dice with corners more pointed... "With sharp edges (but a little rounded like a dice, not a cube)." You see ?
  12. Youknowwho4eva
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    Ok, with no hole, then it has to be solid, can't be hollow.
    The image on shapeways is very misleading. Here is a screen shot from my software. die.jpg I believe it looks like the image you posted as what you want, But I can make a cube with radiused corners if you want, that wouldn't be hard to do at all.
  13. Sorry for my absence, I'm sick.
    I have many questions:
    If you make a hole, where do you place it ? I can't carve something if the hole is in the centre of a face. And how much is it deep ? I mean: we can see inside the dice ?
    If you make the dice solid, it will be more expensive. How much ? And how much if it measure 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm (there is no little savings ^^0) ?
    I'm afraid of the image of the dice. I don't wand a dice too rounded. My dice has its faces rectangular but rounded. Yours is too rounded. Maybe the image on shapeways is misleading but I need to see how it will be really. Otherwise make a cube with rounded corners, in this way I'm sure of the appearance.
    Then I need to think about all that.
    Thank you for your help.
  14. Youknowwho4eva
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    The hole would have to be there to remove the material inside. The build material is needed to support the structure while it is being made. I made 2 images here for you. These are 1 inch which is pretty close to 2.5 cm. I put the holes in the hollow version on the corners so they would not effect the faces. you wouldn't need a hole on every corner, just one, but I figured it would give it symmetry. squaredie.jpg
  15. Youknowwho4eva
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  16. Hello,
    sorry for my long absence, my computer is dead because of a power cut...
    I trust to you and I would like you to make a dice with one hole on a corner. Thank you very much. :)
  17. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
  18. Hello !
    I will be perfectionist but can you make the dice more rounded ? ^^0
    See my picture of the dice: the faces are rectangular,
    but the dice semms round, yours is too square...
    And hollow it isn't too expensive, can you enlarge it 3cm please ?
    Thank you very much, it is soon perfect.
    Thank you !
  19. Hello.
    Have you time to do my dice soon ? I would have liked the dice for at the start of december to have time to receive and carve it before send it to my brother before Christmas. Tell me if you are too busy, I can ask to someone else if you have no time... :(
    Thank you for your answer.
  20. Please, someone can help me ?