Modeler needed for (simple) pendant

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    I have been flooded by PM's... seriously, flooded :p , this forum should be replaced by a dedicated marketplace... either way, I am not interested in new pm's anymore.

    I have attached the design of a pendant which was once sold in a shop, but is currently unavailable. In the attachment I have also added a number of notes concerning sizes and more. As the pendant is mostly two dimensional it should be fairly easy, though the part which I am unable to do is to get the things evenly spaced correctly and mirrored in the different axis etc (I am an inexperienced blender user)... so I wondered, how much would it approximately cost me to have somebody here model it for me? I have no experience with hiring modellers, so it will mostly depend on the price whether I will be able to afford it (as the printing is going to be expensive enough) and I am only a student myself. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    (and a line of text engraved on the back)

    Here is the original photo by the way of the original pendant:
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    PM sent
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    Pm sent