Modeler needed for series of work, relief, silhouette, reverse relief

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  1. daisymaebrat
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    I have a small business and am looking for a modeler who could create some files for me. I have done some on my own, but am looking for more detail than I can do. These would be used to make tools that I use for my business. Relief, reverse relief and silhouette is what I am looking for. These will be various animals and background pieces. I can provide pictures for reference. I am not sure how this works, so if you could let me know what the possible cost might be, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much for any help!! Tricia
  2. 3damez
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    Hi daisymaebrat, maybe I could help you, I've sent you an MP
  3. designanything3d
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    Hi there,

    We could be of service to you. Please contact us at with some references of what you are looking to create.