Modeler needed for ring-making

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  1. a3333326
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    I would like to create a ring that constitutes the name of my girlfriend and I so I could propose to her. However, I do not know how to operate the softwares available.

    It would be awesome if one of you experts could help me do that! Thank you!

    Actually, I have a design in mind, it is similar to the ring in this url " g-band.html?li=productBox-search". Instead of the lines in between, I would like to replace them with the character 點 so that this chinese character randomly links the two circular parts!

    Thank you very much!
  2. SheilaMunro
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    Hi, I'd love to help you out with this project. :) Please have a look at my Shapeways Shop and contact me if you'd like to work together. I'm a very fast worker and strive to produce high quality items. :) larity

    I'm on Facebook as well:

    Geomatrix Studio:
    Dropping Form Designs: 97584792?ref=hl

    Home Phone: 1-(250)-573-4439

    Best Regards,
    Matthew J. Chin