Modeler needed for figurine - See inside

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  1. worthylake
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    The project is for a figurine for 3-D printing on the strong/flexible plastic. It will be about 10 cms tall ( from surface to the top of the head) and hollow. There is a little bit of carving out for the toes on the paws, I don't think the nose or ears need any. I've attached a picture. Please PM me with quotes and examples of your work if you are interested.



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  2. stonysmith
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    Please keep us informed as to how this model turns out.. That's CUTE!
    I'd love to commission such a statue of my daughter's puppy:
  3. Ming
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  4. Silverbeam
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    cute design! I make ball jointed dolls and all sorts of things. I have been doing 3D printing with shapeways for over two years now.

    I have a commission information page on my deviantart account here: ions-355653134

    I have learned how best to make the walls to hollow out and keep it strong enough, saving as much money as possible by not having too thick of walls.

    Is the reference image accurate to how you want the figurine to be exactly? Or is it just the bare bones kinda thing? Feel free to peruse my shop here on shapeways for things I have done, also etsy and my Deviantart account. shoot me an email at if interested in hiring me please.

    This little guy would be cute as a little ball jointed doll as well, a little different from a statue, but you would be able to pose it if interesting in taking it a slightly different direction. It would likely be similar to my ball jointed pony,


  5. worthylake
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    Thanks for all the replies!

    I have found a modeler for the mean time, but I will be doing more projects in the future.

    Stonysmith - I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives and after the paint jobs! Your puppy is adorable!

    Silverbeam - I LOVE the ball joints! I'm working on another design that I think I'd like to incorporate those ball joints. I'm going to fav your page for the future. Your stuff is awesome!