Modeler needed for custom shape Keychains

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by YooperShirts, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. YooperShirts
    YooperShirts New Member
    I have the designs ready and I'd like to get some custom keychains rendered in 3D. I would be using my "U.P. HEART" design which you can view at for reference. I will send the actual file if you are interested in this project. To get an idea of what type of keychain I would like you can view one here:

    Please let me know asap!

    - Jeremy Symons
  2. gafsadesign
    gafsadesign Well-Known Member
    hello sir this is my mail
    send me the cad file that you want to render
  3. YooperShirts
    YooperShirts New Member
    I don't have a cad file but I could send you a .jpg. Will that work?
  4. gafsadesign
    gafsadesign Well-Known Member
  5. YooperShirts
    YooperShirts New Member
  6. gafsadesign
    gafsadesign Well-Known Member
    did you want render the keychain ?you have only a photo not a 3d model
    do you have the cad file ???
  7. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    You two have almost got me as confused as you both are. Lets get the facts straight.
    1. Is an object needing to be modeled similar to the cupcake key fob?
    2. Model the link connecting the fob to the ring?
    3. Model the ring?
    4, all of the above?
    5. Any or all once modeled to be ready to print at SW,or,
    6. To be rendered for display purposes into a 2D image?
    7. I hate to ask, the keyfob to be printed in color if its option 1?