Modeler needed for Coin - Turn images into model!

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    I want to 3d print a coin. Essentially similar to this post: . I have a front & back design as an black and white image (also available as a SVG). The front will have some text, the back, some icons. However I'm finding blender difficult to use (I'm using Ubuntu Linux, so I don't think there are any other software options), so I'm asking for help. I'm willing to pay a modeler to do this.

    I want this the same size & proportions as large coin, but I'm will to work within the contrainst of the material. Eventually I want to print this in silver. But I want to do some 'test prints' in something cheaper so I can examine it myself first, so once it's done, I may require some minor tweaks etc.

    Please reply or PM with rates & links etc.
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