Modeler needed for a lokomotive

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  1. resinfreunde123
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    attached you will find a picture of a Railway from Wold War II (was only a project on paper).
    I would like to build this train and I need a picture in 3D. So I will need a graphic of the outer view
    with windows and doors and the chassis. I need the first one on the picture.
    The measures will follow.

    Thank you for an answer

    Kai Menzel

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  2. stonysmith
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    What scale are you interested in having this in?
  3. bovelt
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    I can draw your this project 3D file base on your existing data , please contact me
  4. resinfreunde123
    resinfreunde123 New Member

    the model should have the scale 1:35.

    Kind Regards