Modeler needed for 1/87 model railroad locomotive shell

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    Hello All,
    I am new to Shapeways and I am testing the waters so to speak. I am looking for a modeler to produce a 1/87 scale model of a European electric locomotive, the shell will have to be hollow to accommodate the mechanism. The locomotive, Russian Railways (RZD) class VL11 or in Cyrillic ВЛ11, is the class of locomotive I am seeking to have modeled. I can provide drawings of limited detailed and many photos, however photos from some angles could prove difficult to find. Some photos can be found here:
    and here 18fab743b44161409ae71d1f6bff6c5a&page=1

    Drawings of a VL10 locomotive can be found here, the VL11 is an upgraded and modified VL10 and uses the same basic body shape, however window locations can vary and the VL11 has other modifications to its external appearance.

    I will also need truck side frames and a chassis for the locomotive, but for the time being I want to ballpark the cost of this locomotive's shell which is the largest and most detailed piece. Please pm me.

    Nicholas Gotwalt
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