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  1. snaggleTooth
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    A friend of mine has a business and she'd like to create a custom coin for a promotion. I'd like to get a 3d proto created that I'll use to cast some plastic replicas.

    I have 2d images and measurements available. I assume this should be a relatively simple model. Let me know if you're available to model this for me (would like to have it done within the next few days) and how much $ you'd need.

    Here's a link to a coin of similar complexity (stolen from another topic on this forum).

    thanks for reading!
  2. bluelinegecko
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  3. Spacetime
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    Hey there Snaggie Tooth

    I'd be very willing to take on this project and for a good price.

    Many question:

    How many final models are you looking to get printed?
    What is the turn around time for this project?
    What's the total budget?

    If your still looking for someone to model and handle the file feel free to send a Personal Message to me

  4. lymanbishop
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    This looks easy enough. If you hav'nt hired someone yet for this feel free to contact me.

    I am a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in new product design and development and I am an Solidworks certified professional.

    Lyman Bishop

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