Modeler in Brooklyn NY Needed to design wall-mount for Google Nexus 7

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    I need to mount a Google Nexus 7 tablet onto a wall. I have looked for ready-made wall mounts for this tablet but none seem to be good quality and I don't want to waste time experimenting with them.

    Don't have a huge budget but willing to barter to film the whole process on video with professional HD cameras and high end shotgun mics for your design portfolio, promo video. See production value quality level in this video..

    So I presume these are the steps of our venture..

    1. We meet and you begin scanning the tablet, I have it, into 3D model. I film the whole process from step 1 to completion when I receive the actual wall-mount from shapeways.

    2. I give you design priority requirements for this situation. Giving you sketch diagrams of the final look/function. Filmed the session.

    3. You design the wall-mount, I film you beginning stages.

    4. We meet to agree that all looks/works well. Filmed the session.

    5. We submit the design for printing to shapeways I cover all the costs involved. Filmed the session.

    6. We meet when I receive the final product and film our final thoughts and installing the tablet onto the wall using this wall-mount.

    7. You get your promo video for free on how you design and work with clients for your portfolio web site.

    Anyone confident to take up on this project is welcome, provided they live in NYC.



    innomind at gmail dot com
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