Modeler for Hire! Knowledge of 3D printing nuances!

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    I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology 2 years ago. I love designing and modeling. I can design and model anything your heart desires. Currently I am a Mechanical Engineer for the metals casting industry, designing and building patterns and other tooling associated with patterns. To design things we use everything from pen and paper to Unigraphics. To build things we use everything from manual sawing, sanding, chiseling and machining to 5 axis CNC machining and 3D printing. My primary experience is with design and with 3D printing. I know how to design and optimize for 3D printing.

    Here is a link to what I did: (my portion of the project was the weapon).
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    LuxxieBoston is a lingerie startup that is looking to incorporate wearable 3D printed lace. I have an image of the lace I want printed - would you be able to help me create a 3d file to upload to shapeways? What is the cost of your services?

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    Hello, yes I can do that. PM me please. Sorry I haven't checked the boards here in a few days...
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    BTW if anybody is interested, please use to message me, because I check FB a lot more often than i check my regular email.
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