Model uploading without texture, don't know why

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  1. Bauwena
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    I found a model of a favorite character of mine here: and the .obj seems to upload just fine for printing, however, for whatever reason the model appears to be uploading without its texture. I have no idea why its doing this, can anybody offer any insight on the matter?
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  3. Bauwena
    Bauwena New Member
    Thank you for the response. I've followed this tutorial, but the result is that the model becomes invisible. I believe the problem is because the x3d file exported is exported with code stating that the texture's home is on the local hard drive. Thus, when it gets to Shapeways servers, the file obviously won't be in the same location, and doesn't show up. What do?
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    Read the tutorial again. Taking note of
    Step 3: Create a .zip archive of the exported model, and all required texture maps
    You now need to pack the VRML or X3D file and the texture maps into one .zip file.
    Take care that the ZIP file only contains the files, and no folders!
  5. Bauwena
    Bauwena New Member
    Absolutely, I did it just like that.

    Included is the file just as instructed.

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    I haven't got a clue what is going on. I uploaded your zip file as is. This is what I got.
    Besides that, the wings have no thickness.
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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    The UV map seems to be OK. Screen shot from Meshlab
  8. Bauwena
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    That's exactly what I'm talking about- and yeah, the wings I was going to figure out but kinda figured there wouldn't be much point in doing so if I couldn't even get the texture working right. Thanks for taking a look, I'm still playing with it, but am mostly lost. I've made something that I might call 'progress' by exporting the file as a vrml with meshlab, which put a texture on the model, but it's scrambled...

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  9. stonysmith
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    Make sure that none of your textures have Transparency.
    What I do is open the WRL in Notepad, and just remove any lines that begin with "transparency"
  10. Bauwena
    Bauwena New Member
    Thank you for your response. I have verified that there isn't any transparency and that it is 100% opaque. :)
  11. designanything3d
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    Here is your solution! Uncheck color for the vertices on export from meshlab that confuses shapeways
  12. jordanbanks
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    Yeah that has to be it I had the same problem he is right