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    Send file to! Sorry to hear about being in the Hospital! Hope all is good now! Take care keep in touch!
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    Hi all,

    Glad to see fellow enthusiasts. I have started working on some of my own models and was wondering what resources you tend to use for reference images but also history of certain pieces of equipment as well as the NMRA specs (A nice concise overview of it would be nice but wasn't able to find any :) ). as well as fellow railway modeller forums?

    I currently use:

    I work in HO scale and having recently moved to Canada mostly interested by CN and CP.

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    I work mostly in Z scale! 1:220. this is a lot harder to work with the min. support wire size and wall size and keeping the price down enough to let other have interest in buying! Being so small and using little material they can get costly!
    I also have a hard time finding information! I some time while searching fine things. Most good drawing you have to but. but that can get expensive! Most of the time I use a standard size which is used in building anything, brick size, door sizes, and windows. I have used just photo to do some of the pieces that information can't be found. Like older models like this. this Swedish Coal Car couldn't find any thing except for the photo. I did this attached photo! wouldn't let me post Shapeways render photo in material! so good luck searching that what I do! but most of the pieces I do I fine them interestng!!!
    1917 coal car swedish.jpg
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    Wow Z scale, that is indeed really tiny, had a peak at your work and the amount of detail you manage to put in at such a small scale is quite amazing!

    I am finding the same thing, finding good high res photos at times is even hard. I did however just find out that I have an Exporail museum just around the corner of where I live so time to take out the camera and go and do my own photos and measuring. Once I have them I'll see if I can get them online somewhere.

    I am also tempted to just send an email to companies like GE or even the railroad companies themselves to see if they would be willing to share some data/details/photos.
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    Here are 2 pictures of T gauge, 1:450!


    And this is Full Color 1:160:
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    I have a few T gauge along with my Z scale. I have this Z scale shot of a Saddle Tank Engine in Z and having one done in T gauge soon! these are Z. using them for train load until I find power unit that will fit have a Searails Powermax 6.5 motor in this one. does run, but need to attach shell to motor. Also two shays! These two have rivets around the boiler!
    IMG_4224.JPG IMG_4393.JPG IMG_5410.JPG
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    Some companies will sent information! but I fine most not willing to take the time. Cat Heavy equipment has some information on there site when check out spec. give some information. photo of a few pieces I got some information on when checking!
    IMG_3525.JPG IMG_3587.JPG IMG_3506.JPG DSCF4190.JPG
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    I got my first prints in and started weathering them. A good wash with some dishwasher soap a gray primer, some sanding, two coats of black and a first weathering layer. Seems to go pretty smooth, no issues with the paint drying or not sticking.
    Pretty pleased with how well details are coming out using FUD.

    IMG_2584.JPG IMG_2627.JPG fullsizeoutput_25dd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_25de.jpeg
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    Glad to meet many talented train modellers here! Your work is amazing. I would really want to follow your footsteps and create Model Train items
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    Looks really great! like those. I haven't done much with the trucks for the trains! I get the store bought type for MTL (Micro Trains Lines). With the special magnetic coupler. For the hands free detachment. I figured that since they don't design much in the scale I'm into why not make my own. use got this back yesterday! it a Bopper! a cross between a Box car and Hopper! I like doing interesting train car that either aren't used any more or are strange looking! the other is Whopper hopper! I think finding good Specifications Like blue prints or just good drawing to do them. It takes longer to research stuff then it does designing the drawing! have Fun! For those who like to follow the right track! You might in up on a spur once in a while ! get onboard!
    IMG_6010.JPG IMG_5865.JPG
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    Thanks Walter,

    I thought I'd start small see what was possible and get the hang of Fusion360. I was used to using Maya as part of my day time job but after making the first attempt at these with maya, going back in to tweak it was a nightmare where with Fusion it is a few clicks.

    I am amazed by what you manage to do at zscale though, those Boppers look really nice!
    This is the white plastic material right? How does it compare fine detail wise to something like FUD/FED?
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    With the natural grain of the process and your scale you could do some amazing things with wood sided cars or flatcar decks if printed to maximize the grain.
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    I use only the FUD! Frosted Ultra Detailed material! I have been using 3D max 8 by autodesk which they don't support any more. It would be great to use there newer but the cost is just to much it would be nice if they brought the price down for those that don't make a living at designing. I have use it for year and still learning to do things since I have not really done any type schooling in drawing! The bopper are some older trains car that they don't use any more. I like doing strange and unusual cars I find them very interesting! here are a few all FUD material the passenger car I did with wood strips . The only problem is that I run in to is cleaning! I clean and clean and still find stuff that seem to be hard to remove and being Z scale 1:220 I have to be to careful not to damage them! the crane have movable part and rigged in place. I thing with moving parts the wax was the biggest problem because it gets down inside the parts and can't always come out!
    IMG_6021.JPG IMG_5982.JPG IMG_6016.JPG IMG_0764.JPG
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    Model trains are all over the world and many different types so any thing you make will work! I have done some custom model for others. this is a section of bride that you would find in Poland. a friend in Poland that I have meet thru shapeways pick the bridge to do on his module. He needed it to look like the photo he sent I did the 3D printed bridge but his painting of the bridge really set it off it was just amazing what he has done to the small piece of 3D printed bridge. it contains over 30,000 bricks and a lot of work . this was painted by zdrada69. This is just the left side of the bridge. there is a right side and a truss that will go between them both! This is in Z scale 1:220
    Bridge 2.JPG Bridge1.JPG
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    Have you tried fusion 360 also by autodesk? Its free for hobbyist and varies small businesses and start up companies and $150 for the highest level user. It has a somewhat steep learning curve t get int the mindset of the program and watching a few of the getting started videos on youtube helped me too.
  16. southernnscale
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    I saw that but right now I'm sticking with what I have. Been using it of a long time and have it down really good. I don't want to waste more time trying to understand another program. Thanks for the information. Sorry it took so long to answer don't come on here every day! got to catch up on all these models some painted! IMG_6084.JPG
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    Wow, that's a lot of models! You've been busy.

    I should take a photo with all my prints together. I've been at it 2.5 years and I don't think I could top your photo!