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    Hi peterlanc,

    the links to your experience and portfolio are the same. I assume that wasn't intentional?

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    I sent you a PM
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    have you done any n scale models?
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    I have a need for an HO scale electric locomotive body shell. Need the software that can print the body shell. The body, actually the boxcab in the attached, is approximately 8.25inches long, and I'd like a wall thickness of no more than 1/16 inch. I don't need the pantographs, bells, lights, and other paraphernalia, but would like the window frames, louver, and rivets on the sides and front. The body will fit over the frame of a Bachmann HO Scale GG-1. The frame will contain the motor, electronics, speaker, and weights. Attached diagram is the full scale prototype. Also. Sample brass model is what you are copying. Question: would it be easier to just make a rubber mold of the body and then make copies out of resin? Of course, we may not get the wall thickness that way.


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    Pm sent regarding 3d work for uk trains.