model train cars that "they" will never make.

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    I recently discovered shapeways, due to the work of, as seen in the form thread at _id=62. I've never been very good with Xacto knives and super glue, so I've always been limited to what the commercial manufacturers offer for rolling stock. Thus leaving me unable to model some of the more unique rolling stock of my "home" railroad, the D&H. Now, I can change all that.

    Though professionally I'm a software developer (firmware for embedded microcontrollers, real-time "hands on hardware" C and Assembly programming) and not a graphics type, I have worked with many graphics related packages, on my own time.

    I've started working with Free-CAD, because... it's free, and I have some experience with CSG modeling as part of the .

    I'm still getting familiar with the development process, but the attached image shows where I am after one weekend's work.

    Hopper 101 in progress.png

    The model will be a Delaware & Hudson ore hopper, road numbers 101 - 240, built by Bethlehem in 1965, in N scale.
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    Looks great so far!

    Welcome to the Shapeways forums! :D