Model properties: Do not allow copying

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by calli, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. calli
    calli New Member
    Model properties:
    Do not allow copying

    What does that mean? I cant set this property for my modells, but see it on all(?) other modells. Still I can put them in my basket.

  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Yes, that option doesn't really work yet. We'll have that fixed in our next release.


  3. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    I'm curious about what it means about what you intend to be possible with the site.

    It seems that at least three kinds of sharing or keeping to yourself might be possible:

    1. Share or withhold views of the model (private setting)

    2. Share or withhold copying (maybe others could download, modify and then re-upload your file, to make improvements or incorporate it into their own work.)

    3. Printing. Not wanting someone do download a source file isn't always the same as not wanting them to have the end result of that file.

    The differences between 2 and 3 are interesting to me. 2 implies the possibility for collaborative design, and the extension of the "download-remix-upload" culture to 3D printing. This seems like a good thing.

    Hiding somewhere just beyond 3. is a service model that enables shapeways to become the CafePress of 3D printing.
    In this scenario I can imagine designers who create figurines, or objects, makes them available for others to order. They may either allow others to order and have them printed for the base cost, or plus an additional cost to pay the designer. This might be very worthwhile when you consider the market for resin kits, figurines or such in comic book shops, or for jewelery if shapeways could print in metal.
  4. bartv
    bartv New Member
    We don't have a function for sharing 3d design files (yet?), so I'm not really sure about option 2 either.

    Option 3 means someone can see the design, but not order it. About the upshot of that I can't really comment yet..

    *checks to see if boss is reading this forum*

    Yeah, stay tuned for more info on that ;)