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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by nautilus, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. nautilus
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    My Models all seem to have the wrong orientation in my shop. Why is this happening?
    How do I change the orientation
    (changing the upload model does not help, i tried that)

    and an other question?
    Wy do some of the older shops have nice pictures in ther shops and I get only 3D images in wrong orentation????

  2. stop4stuff
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    To get your model looking right in the preview render, you need to orientate your model to the way you want it to look before you save and upload. The 'up' direction in the render preview is the global Y axis for some reason.

    You can see the difference between the three axis orientated models below;

    As for 'other images', you have the option of uploading an image, the image may be a render saved from your 3D software, a photograph, or any image in an allowed format. Once uploaded, you have the option of making the image the default image on you item page.


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  3. nautilus
    nautilus New Member
    thank you for your clear aswher, I will test this tomorow
  4. bartv
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  5. nautilus
    nautilus New Member
    Confusing Yes/no I did not know.
    In my program (Inventor) the Y- axe is not up.
    I did expect that this could be a problem.
    But now I know and can try to work with that.
    I already had a sulution, I changed al the defold pictures.

    Thank You