Model of cabin needed for custom snow globe

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  1. mikemarschke
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    I want to produce a model of my wife's family's cabin in the woods to insert into a snow globe kit. My wife got the idea from the following blog post:

    We would like to do something very similar to this. My wife took several images of the cabin from different angles. I've played around in Sketchup, and I think I could get the basic shape of the building done pretty well, but the steps beyond that to prepare a file that I can upload to shapeways looks to be beyond my capabilities, or at least the time I have to devote to it to figure it out. We're hoping to be able to give a few of these as Christmas gifts, so I know that's probably already starting to get tight. I'll attach 1 image of the cabin here, and can provide more later.

    Please let me know how much it might cost to help produce a final file that can be uploaded to shapeways - and whether you'd rather do it from scratch based on the photos, or if it would be helpful (and possibly save me a bit of money) if I provide a Sketchup file of the basic shape of the cabin.


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  2. victorrings
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    have you tried 123catch by autodesk? it is a service that will make pretty good 3d model from multiple pictures... they even have an iphone app...

    after you get that then one of us modelers can take it and make it print worthy.

  3. denali3ddesign
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    Hello Mike, welcome to Shapeways!

    I can help you with that, in fact here's a link to an article by an employee at MIT who I helped make a snow globe: Sketchup snow globe from Shapeways.

    Do you have the dimensions of the globe kit you're going to use?

    Yes, it would be helpful for you to model the house. Email me and we'll go from there - marcus (@)



  4. adrianbell101
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    I am a professional 3d modeler with over 2 years experience making 3d recreations and original models if your interested in hiring me for this job if its still available please email me at

    Here is my Demo:

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Adrian Bell

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  5. mikemarschke
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    Thanks for your response - but I've already hired someone to complete the model for me.