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    I've sent an email to Customer Service and received no reply, so I am hoping this will get me an answer:

    My coworker in our UK office placed an order for an item we have on our shop:

    The item was printed but it looked as if it had a water stain on it. The representative told her that it was because we only had one hole in the model and that reprinting it would not guarantee that it would not happen again.

    I had placed an order for the exact same item and it came in looking perfect. My question is how can we fix the model so that this will not happen? Is it a size issue or something else?

  2. mkroeker
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    Can you please be more specific, in particular which material was chosen for the
    print ?

    My guess is that it was one of the dyed strong+flexible options - there is a
    tutorial in the post-processing forum that describes the process of dyeing
    the white-strong-and-flexible material that mentions just this kind of issue.
    Powdery material trapped within the hollow model will pick up water during
    the dyeing and it may take several weeks or even months until the moisture
    (and stain) is gone. Try to make the opening of your model a bit larger if you
    can, or add a second opening - if I understand the production process correctly,
    the powder is removed by compressed air.

    EDIT: actually this thread in the
    "it arrived" forum is where i picked up the reference to the document (by shapeways user "gibell")
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    Hmm, that's odd - our Customer Service team typically answers within 16 hours, although during weekends you may notice a slight delay. Have you still not received your answer yet?