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  1. NGotwalt
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    Salida Station Wall 1.jpg Hello All,
    I uploaded a .stl from Sketchup 8. It is a model of a building for model railroading. The model is not the whole building but just one wall, it has several doors on the first floor and six windows on the second floor. I view the model in Sketchup, everything is fine. I view the .stl with easyview .stl viewer, again, everything looks perfectly normal. I upload to Shapeways and 4 of 6 second floor windows are sealed over in the model viewer, their window sill which protrude are still there, but the windows themselves are gone. Does anyone know what this problem is? I tried searching but I didn't find anything. See attached photos

    Model created in:
    Sketchup 8

    Previewed Normal in:
    Easyview .stl Viewer

    Uploaded with:
    Mozilla Firefox 19.0.2

    Windows XP SP 3

  2. stop4stuff
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    It looks like Shapreays Mesh Medic got confused with the geometry of your model.
    Usually the cause for this is two surfaces or areas of the model that share the same space, or maybe in your situation, the liners of the frames are missing or not quite joined to the inner & outer skins.
    Two great tools that work in a similar way to Shapeways Mesh Medic, NetFabb Cloud Service (boolean joins, repairs models) and NetFabb Basic, an app that;s really usedful for error checking, repeairing and measuring models.

  3. stonysmith
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    There is also a problem with some STL export routines that get confused when they try to triangulate long flat surfaces.
    If you would like.. PM the model to me and I'll take a look for you.
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  4. NGotwalt
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    Ok, so this morning I went back and looked at the model, and I discovered that I had made the missing windows in another file, then made them components and had inserted them into the model, I had then forgotten to explode them and make sure they were properly attached. I have fixed it and have a new model uploading. We'll see if I got it or not. Thanks for the help, it did guide me to the problem.