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  1. balculator
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    I'm looking for someone to model a coffee mug for me. The design is a mug that is almost entirely enclosed except for two holes. One to pour the liquid in and another to sip the liquid out. It's basically a sippy cup for adults. Additionally there is a pocket of air surrounding between the inside container (holding the hot liquid) and the outside of the mug. There is no handle, the air pocket will create a barrier between your hand and the liquid so you don't get burned when you pick it up.

    There should be 4 vents, these will help the hot air escape and are also necessary to allow for the material to be emptied after printing. Also, the air pocket is one continuous loop around the entire center container, not sure if this is clear from the cross-section.

    I feel like I'm doing a horrible job describing this and I imagine my sketches won't be much better. I would appreciate anybody's help and I'm happy to pay. Please contact me.

    Thank you.

    Doc-10_26_11 10_24 PM-page-1.jpg
  2. baltimore
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    the glaze is sprayed on, so it wont reach the inside surface, meaning it won't be food safe.
  3. balculator
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    Can it be sprayed through the hole in the top?

    Thank you for your input. I'm probably not going to be drinking from it, just a prototype.

    edit: Another problem I've thought of is that it would be difficult/impossible to clean. I just kind of want to see the thing get made.
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  4. baltimore
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    i don't know if they accept special spraying requests. for a fullsize coffee cup this is probably going to cost over $100 just for the print.
  5. baltimore
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    This is only about 67mm tall, and would cost about $65 in ceramic, plus shipping.
  6. balculator
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    PM sent
  7. Hi There
    so i see the sketch and get some understanding on the mug shape
    what is the offer?
    kobi kor, designer : 3d modeler
  8. balculator
    balculator New Member
    Thank you everyone but I have already found designers to complete the job.
  9. WishfulCreative
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    It was fun to do, here is a pic you can use. tornado mug concept faceted.jpg