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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by Notreallyhere, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Notreallyhere
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    I have a model that I wanted to get printed, however it got rejected. I am unaware why, but maybe someone who has more experience than myself in this can help me out in fixing my model for printing and possibly I may decide to add a few edits which you will be compensated for. Originally, a very skilled and very kind member here helped and he did a fantastic job, however another problem arose in manufacturing (it’s my model so it’s my fault) however he is busy with commissions and I do not wish to bother him further. If interested, feel free to reach out

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  2. Shea_Design
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    A good approach to troubleshooting is to upload the model and share the model check page. There is a button for that and with the heat map experienced users will get the issues straight away. If you do not want to expose your design too generally send me said link and I will take a look. -S
  3. Notreallyhere
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    Hello Shea_Design,

    Thanks for reaching I appreciate it very much, however is this option available on mobile? I don’t have access to my computer unfortunately. If not I could definitely send you a link to the model.
  4. schneidw
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  5. schneidw
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    An excellent browser based tool is w w w dot makeprintable dot com. Just run the repair service and if you are satisfied with the result you can dl the fixed file. One dl is priced -2.-U$.
    Hope you are successful!
  6. Notreallyhere
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    Hello schneidw,

    Thanks for reaching out! I will definitely give it a go thanks for bringing this into the light for me! It’s very helpful!
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