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  1. NovastarDesign
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    I wonder how i can change layout of the model description. Wenn i type something now, everything is saved without enters ect...
    i see other model descriptions where they figured how to do it..

    I also like to know how you can make a link in the description to another model.
    Hope someone can help me out

    Thanks Novastar

  2. Magic
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    All is in HTML now. More powerful but also less intuitive.

    Here is the code of the begining of this description
    <strong>D13 Sphere
      <br><br></strong>This is a Truncated Sphere D13. It has a 4-fold symmetry.
    <br><br>This die is inspired by the 
    <a href="">repulsion force polyhedra</a>. But in this case, the underlying polyhedron (not rounded) does not exactly look like the shape that can be obtained through this technique with 13 points repulsing each others.
    <br>Instead, I calculated the positions of those points to have a maximal radius for the circles resulting from the intersection of this underlying polyhedron with a sphere. The result is a truncated sphere with 13 circular faces of same radius.
    Basically, <br> is used to go to the line (enter), you can put as many of them as you want.
    For the links you must use <a href="adress of the link of your model">name of your model</a>.

  3. NovastarDesign
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    aha thanks !!
    and i can copy and edit this in the description...
    i will try right away...