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    I ordered 2 each of 5 different model pieces (10 pieces total).

    At the end of the order screen, (before the Paypal ordering screen) it said "These items can not be delivered in the proper time frame." (or something like that).

    It listed only 2 of the 5 pieces I had on order.
    2 x (5A)_cap(2)_X5_(-0022_3)
    2 x (5A)_cap(1)_X5_(-006_2)

    Both of these pieces were ordered in the WSF material, however, other pieces were also ordered in the WSF too so why would only these two parts need to be delayed?

    It gave me a few choices to choose from.

    A) Cancel the whole order
    B) Cancel only the delayed parts
    C) Continue with entire order

    I chose to continue with the entire order because it didn't say what the delay was or even how long the delay would be. Can you tell me what the delay will be and how long please?

    ALSO: It would not let me order WSF in GREEN as I did before. Why, no more green?

    And does it really cost more than twice as much to produce colored WSF? Just to add dye? :(

    Thanks for your help. :)

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    David, you can find the pricing for the materials via the 'materials page' - (linked to under the support dropdown at the top of every page) but it doesn't look like the page has been updated with colour changes yet.

    As for, 'cannot be delivered in the proper timeframe', that's happend to me before, I chose continue and everything was delivered on time. I think it's just a glitch in the system.

    Also, you may have some luck dyeing the wsf yourself, see; mp;start=0&
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    Ok, thanks alot stop4stuff, I didn't know Shapeways dyes these items like this for every colored order. I can see how this is expensive for them.

    I thought maybe they would use already dyed powder and stinter it that way. I think it would be alot cheaper if they could.

    Put all red orders using STS with already red powder.
    Put all green orders using green powder, etc.

    I'm not too particular about the exact color of my items..I just don't want them ALL white because, like somewhere else I read, it's hard to see and differentiate the different pieces when they are all white. It's easier to see the contours and things.

    Also, what's the detail difference between SWF and white detail? Yes, I've seen their respecitive charts but is there really a detail difference? I need as much detail as possible, of course, but I also like a smoother surface...a surface that won't keep flaking off in powder like the SWF does. I have SWF parts that rub against each other and they keep grinding away powder. Is the white detail like a clear acrylic? Will the white detail flake off like powder too or no? I need a little flexiblity but more so I need it to not keep flaking off when rubbed together.

    Ok, thanks for all your help in this. :)


  4. stop4stuff
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    WSF and detail materials are completely different... mostly because of the way that they're printed. WSF is basically plastic powder heat bonded and detail is a polymer that's cured under UV light. In terms of detail level, the detail materials win over wsf, but detail doesn't have much flexibility or strength at small sizes. Detail materials are solid and don't flake, though they can show some 'stepping' e.g. Kraken in Crystal - the arms are about 0.4mm diameter.

    For sealing & smoothing wsf, have a look in the Post Production sub-forum, super glue seems to be a popular option and there was a thread recommending a furniture polish/varnish too. Personally, I'm experimenting with dipping wsf in watered down acrylic paint and I've also used Pebeo Vitrail paints on wsf to good effect.