Model Availability Public or Private?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by wormwood, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. wormwood
    wormwood New Member
    On the 'upload a new model' page I'm not exactly sure what the 'Model availability: Public/Private' option means.

    What do I select so that a model IS available for public view and comment in the gallery but NOT available for people to copy or print for themselves?

    Maybe you should replace the phrase 'Model availability' with something like...

    Exhibit in Gallery: Yes/No


    Allow Copying: Yes/No
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  2. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    The internet abounds with websites that host pictures, you know. And you can showcase your artwork, your possessions, or anything you may produce for sale in a large number of places. Why would you feel the need to do so here?
  3. Christel
    Christel New Member
    Wormwood, I am as confused about this as you are. Hoping for an answer soon :)
  4. robert
    robert New Member
    Public means it is available in our gallery. Private means it is only available for yourself.

    The copy function is currently unused. Stay tuned for this.

    In our next website release you can make an object available for public view but disable ordering by others.

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